Radio Quantica Launches 24 Hour Broadcasting Station


Founded by Portuguese artists Photonz and Violet, Radio Quantica launched earlier this week offering a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week online broadcast, aiming to provide a safe communal haven for underground Portuguese artists and activists to make their voice heard.

"This internet radio station is the manifestation of a non-local grassroots movement that has been going on for quite some years now. It includes DJs, labels, crews, music makers, collectors, scene agitators and equality activists that are of Portuguese or Lusophone origin"

The station aims to join the dots between just about every genre under the sun, rave to punk to experimental sonics and cinema to hip-hop. One Eyed Jacks, Pal +, CVLT, LAMA, Roundhouse Kick, Mo Junkie and a ton of others have residencies alongside stationheads Photonz & Violet,

"Together, through the radio medium, we want to explore ourselves, our influences and share our ongoing Portuguese legacy with the world in our own terms."

Explore the station over on the site, and get in contact on their facebook, soundcloudmixcloud, and twitter.