Psychemagik Releasing Three Disc Collection ‘Ritual Chants’


Psychemagik are respected for unearthing rare audio treasures for their DJ sets, and so it is unsurprising that Danny McLewin (the renowned digger of the duo) has pulled together some retro gems and is progremming them into a three disc set of 'Beach', 'Love' and 'Dance'. Much of the material was acquired via world tours, and the collection "captures the excitement of finding lost jewels". Disc 1 contains the pre-new age emanations of 'Water Sports' by Man Parrish and the sublime and haunting 'God’s Garden' by John J. Francis. On disc 2, the semi discordant funk of Zru Vogues 'Do the Zru' and the booming drum machine mechanics of 'Hangin’ Out In Space' by Tony Wilson represent 'Beach'. Disc 3's 'Dance' includes Ennio Morricone’s disco infused hybrid cut 'Dance On', 'Love and Happiness' by Mansour Sallas and high quality floor polishers such as Popcorn Makers 'Nothing'.

Psychemagik – Ritual Chants is released by Eskimo Recordings on 18th November 2016. Follow them on Facebook HERE.

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