Principal Participant!



For a while now, Minotaur Shock has been making music under the name Principal Participant. Minotaur Shock is his regular outlet for musical dalliances, but occasionally he dons his cape and lets rip with a 4/4, aiming tunes at an imaginary dancefloor.

Anything he creates that doesnt quite fit the arbitrary criteria that he’s set for a MS tune (eg regular smears of live instrumentation, a little dab of lofty pretension etc) gets shelved until I break out the Principal Participant cape. This allows me to loop things a little longer than I normally would, maintain a steady 4/4 kick and make nods to electronic music that Minotaur Shock would think was too crass.

Mr Minotaur Shock himself has collected some of the Principal Participant tunes together (including the Principles and Wonderful 12 mixes – both free downloads), and turned them into a 9-track, 50-minute album.

Although its a bit of a departure, there is probably enough MS business in there for you to enjoy, should you happen to like MS and are waiting for some new music.

Anyhow, rather than go through the rigmarole of a proper release (involving other people), he thought it would be interesting to stick it on Bandcamp and charge a fiver. That way, you know that most of the money goes directly to him, which is nice. For me. Using maths, he’s deduced that if he sells 10 copies it’ll will make 50 and can buy a Monotron. Reason enough, I think youll agree.

Anyhow, please take a look, have a listen, grab the free tracks, and if the mood takes you, buy the album. Or not.

Album here on Bandcamp

PP website