Power Of Attorney’s rare “Changing Man” single reissued


The ultra rare funk and soul 7″ is set for a partial reissue by Philadelphia label Brewerytown Records.

The single was first released back in 1973 via Brotherhood Records, a highly sought after record and very limited it has fetched high prices on Discogs in recent times. 

Power Of Attorney was a group formed at the Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution at Graterford in the 70’s.

The story of the formation of the group is unique and extraordinary, so too the music. 

“In late 1972, the prison’s Activities Director​ Theodore “Ted” Wing​ broke ground on a new recording studio. As part of the rehabilitative arts and music initiative, the space was built to offer a creative outlet for incarcerated individuals to express their musical talents. In November of ‘72 an audition was held throughout the prison to form a band. It has been reported that over 1,600 men auditioned for a spot in the band.

Wing ultimately settled on a line-up that consisted of ​William Smith​ (lead guitar), ​Charles McDowell​ (bass), ​Merion Wilson​ (tenor saxophone), ​Edward J.X. Smith​ (guitar), and ​Otis Graham​ (drums). With a line-up of gifted musicians and a fresh new recording studio to practice and lay down tracks in, the band Power Of Attorney was officially born.

In January of 1973, Power Of Attorney got the chance to record at ​Sigma Sound Studios​, the legendary space that helped birth the Philadelphia International sound as well as classic albums like David Bowie’s, Young Americans. Taking the routines that they had rehearsed for a reported five hours each day, the band laid down the tracks — including the reflective ​‘Changing Man,’ an original composition by McDowell.”

The music has now been remastered and this year Brewerytown Records will release previously unheard material recorded during the same sessions.