Posh Isolation celebrates ten years with new compilation


The eclectic label and arts collective from Copenhagen will release an album featuring friends and familiar faces aplenty on what will be a celebratory release in honour of their 10th anniversary. Titled "Summer Storms”, the compilation will feature appearances from the likes of KYO, Lust For Youth, Croatian Amor, Varg, oqbqbo, Frederik Valentin and more on what is a landmark release for the label, which has been in operation since 2009. 

The imprint was founded by Christian Stadsgaard (Vanity Productions) and Loke Rahbek (Croatian Amor) who have since utilised the platform to help support and develop emerging artists from Scandinavia – be this through music, art or design. As such the label has since evolved into a pivotal and crucial player in the realm of experimental creativity and has been influential in the careers of many. The back catalog holds over 200 physical releases, and has facilitated numerous international exhibitions, programs, and showcases.

The 10 year anniversary was marked by a showcase in Copenhagen as Posh isolation hosted three days of music, art and performances in multiple locations across the city during Art Week.

A full list of those who feature on the compilation can be seen below: 

Astrid Sonne
Kamil Dossar 
Mini Esco 
Lust For Youth & Croatian Amor
MC Boli ft. Ghost Lemurs of Madagascar 
KYO w/ Jeuru 
Jonathan Leandoer127 & Frederik Valentin 
Croatian Amor 
Varg2™ & Vanity Productions 
Scandinavian Star 
Puce Mary & CTM 
Age Coin
Vanessa Amara
Xenia Xamanek 
Soho Rezanejad & Frederik Valentin 
Vanity Productions 

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