Portuguese Gems: Padre Himalaya Picks


In recent years Portugal has become a creative hotbed for inspired electronic musicians, a new wave of producers, artists and dj’s have been pushing new innovative sounds pieced together, inspired by far flung influences and history. 

Padre Himalaya is a record label run by Silvestre, based in Lisbon it has become a home to a number of talented producers and has established itself as a prominent imprint.

The latest release on the label features music by a number of local talents and friends. It is perhaps the best showcase of what is happening in Lisbon and Portugal at present, an assortment of tracks with interconnected concepts and strands but each as unique, colourful and individual as can be. 

We invited the artists who featured on the release to pick tracks which celebrate the evolutionary sound of electronic music in the country at the moment… 


“This witch house renaissance tingles my nervous system and makes my darker impulses become a foggy dream where I can somehow dance freely and let anger purify. Not only this track but all they do – it’s brilliant. It’s completely different from the rest of the things you hear here in Portugal.”

“Is there anything left to say about this masterpiece? Herlander is a genius. Amazing producer, voice like an angel and the LYRICS ARE AMAZING. This is sensual and emotional, cunty and sad, hopeful and also depressive – I can’t even. So many emotions bottled up here.”


“2 gems made in Portugal…”

Dj Problemas 

“For me, these are the two biggest tracks of the year, that capture the full essence of the weird but also wonderful mess we have been going through together. 2020 still giving us a lot to talk & think about and these tracks reflect, both in an intimate but also explosive way, on some of the issues this last year has presented us.”

Dj Lima

“These drums are flawless. The 808 gives soo much power to the track.”

“Huge tune, the vocal and percussion work are perfect, makes any dancefloor move.”

Coletivo Vandalismo

“If measure we could, as approaching the event horizon, the unforeseeable feelings towards the inevitable fate, this would be last 10 min soundtrack. Beyond, lies ahead the singularity.”

“Evoking the visual phantasy, of what could have been the journey of an unknown magical character in a Miyazaki film.”


“The reason why I picked this track is that it describes how you don’t really need to get out of your room to be aware of the world we are living in. You can be in your room and travel around the world to study, polish your talents…etc.”

“The reason why I picked this one is that I like the message it transmits. It says 5 minutes is enough to do a lot. Take these examples: In 5 minutes I can have an epiphany, I can become rich, the world can come to an end. It’s unpredictable what the next 5 minutes will hold. Makes me have deep thoughts about the notion of time.”

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