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The magic of Wikipedia, as Im sure youve all discovered, is that you can be an expert about everything without knowing anything. So say, for example, youve got to write a review of the new Play Paul number on Kitsune, but you find that the nights getting on, youre a bit tired, and you cant be arsed to think of clever ways to describe the damn thing, then worry not ! Just wiki Kitsune and pack out your review with facts. Watch:

Kitsune is the Japanese word for a fox spirit. Foxes are a common subject of Japanese folklore and are akin to European faeries. They have up to 9 tails and live for an incredibly long time, learning how to turn into human form when they reach round 100 or so. The sly foxy beggars also like to possess young women, entering through the finger nails or the breast. Once in possession of their victim they cause them to get up to all sorts of nonsense; running up and down the street starkers, rolling in the mud, that sort of thing. Oh, and eating tofu, which apparently foxes love to eat (not, it must be said round my way, where they seem content to snack on chicken bones, bin bags and roadkill).

Well I never. Now Ive just enough words left to say that Tijuana (Trumpets of Lust) is a very pleasing mix of a) UK funky + b) French electro, and in tone its a bit a) euphoric and b) melancholic – which is quite a clever feat eh……. boom. Job done. Nice one wiki.


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