Plastikman – First Album In 10 Years Out Today


Today sees the release of Richie Hawtin's first new Plastikman album since the long dark tunnel of 2003's 'Closer'. New album 'EX' shows how far Hawtin has come in terms of art world acceptance – it was recorded live at New York's Guggenheim museum at the behest of fashion designer Raf Stephens. Long term Hawtin fans will be delighted to hear that 'EX' see Richie bringing his sound bang up to date, introducing sick dubstep drops, banging EDM breakdowns and at least five cameos from Pitbull – wait, sorry, wrong PR sheet…

C'mon, you already know what this sounds like; sleek minimalism done well, with tracks made of icicle pulses, swooping pads and mesmeric loops. He's not gonna win over any Disclosure fans, but this is Hawtin- once again- making techno like a master. Grab a copy straight from the Plastikman website