Planet Mu Sub-Label Knives Announce New Lp From J.G. Biberkopf


Ecologies II; Eco-Systems of Excess is the most 'Planet Mu' record we've heard for a while. Created by Lithuanian conceptual musician Gediminas Žygus , the record pushes together snatched field recordings, heavy slabs of drone, rogue bursts of lairy drums, and abstract melody. It's probably not going to be bothering the Beatport Top 40. 

BUT, from what we've heard so far, it's very strong – for anyone who likes their ambient served with a healthy whack of brittle beauty and distopian menace,  it would seem Žygus is your man. According to the PR, he wrote the record "driven by the influence and abstractions of theory, thinking about the way global politics shapes the earth’s ecosystem and the architectures and infrastructures of power," so, yeah, probably not the best party music, but perhaps the music we deserve in these bewildering times. Stream album cut From Infinity to Here below,  the full album is set for release on November 11th, more details over on the Planet Mu website


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