Plan B She Said (679)


I really wasnt expecting formerly potty mouthed MC Plan B to have swung back into view with a crooning falsetto voiced early Motown homage, but, yes, thats exactly what hes done. Continuing the surprises, Bs got a great voice for this sort of thing, a kind of breaking, aching high pitch that rides fragile over the strings, bass and dry-as-dust snares. Seeing as Winehouse has disappeared into a big titted gin haze, its good to know the flag is still being flown by someone, somewhere for blue eyed Brit soul. Even the obligatory crap bit were the lad starts rapping two thirds of the way through manages to avoid sounding horribly inappropriate. And before you know, it the whole things over and done with in the manner of an entirely respectable pop song. I think, if the charts still exist (I lose track), some sort of top ten hit is deserved.

Ian Mcquaid

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