Pinch The Boxer


Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom has the amazing bit where the damn bloody evil high priest grabs an animal heart and holds it aloft, squeezing and chanting whilst all around him drums pound and flames surge. He fixes his tethered human victim with a withering nether world gaze, and said victims heart kinda inflates up and out of his chest like a spazzing weevil burrowing its way to freedom, inevitably leading to a painful and grizzly death. Were some chancer to remake the film they can be happy in the knowledge that in The Boxer, Pinch has provided a dubstep soundtrack that would work perfectly for the scene, containing as it does pounding tribal drums, chanting religious-y vocals and oodles of heart squeezing bass. This isnt gonna convert any dubstep non believers, but for fans of dark funking bass music this deserves to be BIG.

Ian Mcquaid

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