Pig & Dan Talk


Seasoned producers Pig & Dan have just completed their first artist album proper, 'Destination Unknown'. Taking a break from the techno they've written for the likes of Cocoon and their own Elevate label, 'Destination Unknown' is a far more Balaeric affair, with the producer's focussing on song writing and instrumentation more than straight up floor fillers. We caufght up with them to ask a few questions about the album, and you can grab a listen to a preview of it below.

Why the album now?

Well it sort of just happened…John was looking for some downtempo tracks for a compilation and we had a bunch of them sort of hiding in the computer for a while now…He heard a couple and he totally loved them so we decided to show him what we had and ended up deciding to create an album.

Its quite a departure from your club tracks – who do you think the album is for? And is the switch in style an admission that techno doesn't make for great albums?

We think the album is for people that love good music. Its much more of an album to listen to in the daytime, at home, in the beach, at a restaurant…This music just shows the other side of Pig&Dan, for us music has no limits, genres and boundaries don't exist, you have complete freedom to go wherever you want to go, that is the beauty of being creative.

Who does what in Pig & Dan? Who wins when you have a fight over snare drum sounds?

No one wins , we have both learned to work together to create a synergy….Its more like one tries to impress the other and then back again so you get an extremely healthy competitiveness. You could say that the Pig is more chaotic and Dan is like a surgeon, so u get the perfect combination of order and chaos.

What kit are you using at the moment?

We don't have to much analog gear at the moment, really the hardware we have is digital and consists of a maschine studio and the lovely Roland Tr8…We use logic as sequencer and mainly use UAD plugins for compression, mastering, mixing down etc…In the end the most important thing is your brain and the ideas you have…You could make a hit with a pot and pan if used them correctly and originally…

And what kit would you invent, money and technology no object?

It would be amazing if you could plug in directly into your brain and record those ideas directly….many times we have written tracks in our heads that have been lost because we couldn't record them at that precise moment…

Apparently the two of you met by chance on a flight – who said hello first?

I (Pig) saw Dan coming into the plane with his record bag and started dialog…

What are you obsessed with at the moment?

Hahah we can be obsessed over many things, food for example mmmmm its one of the greatest pleasures…We are also obsessed with making more music, we never get tired of it 🙂

What's your answer to everything?

Just be and let go, and everything will just happen 🙂


Destination Unknown is released on September 1st through Bedrock