Pictures Emerge Of Kevin Saunderson Performing With Kraftwerk


This is the kind of teasing news that can make a grown techno geek weep. Pictures have emerged of Kevin Saunderson performing with Kraftwerk. Pictures, yes, BUT NO AUDIO. Argghhh! The team up that fantasies are made up occured at MOCAD – The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit – at an afterparty following Kraftwerk's performance in the city. Saunderson posted the photos on his Facebook timeline, writing the following; 

"I can truly say last night in Detroit it was a pleasure hanging with KRAFTWERK and them showing up after after party and all my Detroit brothers who perform as well as my Son's. It was a historical event… may the Future be with us all as well as history."

Here's what we missed;


Admittedly Kevin appears to have been feeling the vibe a little more than the Germans… See more images from the night here