Pete Woosh To Launch New Label


Pete 'Digs & Woosh' Woosh is something of a veteran. How much of a veteran? This much of a veteran:

The deep house DiY collective he spearheads turned 25 this year – a fact which leaves half of the R$N office feeling ancient. To celebrate he's launching a new DiY imprint, Spirit Wrestlers. The four track sampler EP we've been sent suggests that Spirit Wrestlers will be a continuation of the well loved DiY sound – all deep grooves, well placed vocal samples, acid gurgles, and sunrise basslines, sounding like a whole lot of classic hardware was used in the process. The tracklisting is as follows:

1. PJ Principle – Holy Mountain (Summit Mix)
2. Jericho Park – Some Time Ago
3. Jericho Park – Acid Love
4. Gallery Sounds – 3 Minutes Squared



The "Sounds of the Spirit Wrestlers EP" due out on vinyl early May 2014. Check them on Soundcloud