Perc Trax Celebrates 10th Anniversary


Starting as an imprint solely for Perc’s own productions Perc Trax has grown in recognition and confidence each year since its first release in 2004. This year Perc Trax celebrates its tenth year of existence, during which time it has released over seventy vinyl singles and six albums, hosted showcases as far away as New York and Tokyo and recently spawned the Submit and Perc Trax Ltd. sub-labels.

To celebrate a decade of releasing music Perc Trax looks to the future, releasing tracks from a mix of Perc Trax regulars including Truss, Forward Strategy Group, Sawf and Perc himself and names new to the label such as Clouds, Happa, Kareem, Drvg Cvltvre and Martyn Hare. These new tracks will be released as three separate vinyl EPs and will also form part of a 2xCD album. The first disc containing the new tracks, whilst the second disc is home to Perc’s first commercially available DJ mix.

Accompanying these four releases will be an international tour running through the winter of 2014 and into early 2015, climaxing with Perc Trax’s biggest ever London event in February. As with all recent large scale Perc Trax projects the label is once again working with designer Jonny Costello, the man behind the visual identity of Perc’s albums and both the Perc Trax sub-labels.

No tracks from the comp are available yet, in the meantime you'll have to console yourself with this mean bastard from Perc & Truss, taken from their recent EP: