Perc to unleash the power and the glory


Ali Wells’ (aka Perc) second offering under his now familiar pseudonym is slated for release in February next year – the 17th to be precise.

The press details hint at an expansion in terms of sound, but with the provocative, unrelenting industrial vigour that characterizes Wells’ material as Perc and the output released via consistent imprint, Perc Trax.

The album also features a colloboration with R$N favourite Nik Colk Void of Factory Floor who provides guest vocals on ‘Speek’.

Album artwork designed by Jonny Costello.

Scheduled for released on vinyl, with a 2 x 12 release as well as CD and download formats.

Full tracklist at the bottom.

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And for more on Nik Void, check out our discursive Random Facts feature conducted with her and her fellow Factor Floor musikarbeiters, Gabe Gurnsey and Dominic Butler:

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1. Rotting Sound
2. Speek
3. Lurch
4. Galloper
5. David & George
6. Horse Gum
7. Dumpster
8. Bleeding Colours
9. Take Your Body Off
10. A Living End