Peder Mannerfelt Unveils Teaser For Forthcoming Lp Controlling Body


The last major outing for Peder Mannerfelt, who also moonlights as The Subliminal Kid and as one half of Roll The Dice, was an experimental affair for Yves De May’s and Peter Van Hoesen’s relatively evergreen Archives Intérieures imprint. A recreation of an obscure ethnographical record initially produced by Belgian filmmaker Armand Denis – who was one of the first to collect the tribal sounds of Central Congo – Mannerfelt’s thoughtful synth led reinterpretation of the source material avoided issues that could have stemmed from colonial co-optation, had he simply sampled the record in its original form. 

Other work under his own name – including a harsh but sharply realised trilogy of records through an eponymous, self-released outlet – have maintained a sense of quality control amongst a prolific clutch of projects.

Produced by filmmaker and audiovisual artist Miguel Angel Regalado, the enigmatic teaser for his latest self-released work – an album which features additional vocals from Glasser – Mannerfelt stands alone amongst psychedelic Gasper Noe-esque visuals, accompanied by a blurb of mysterious rhetoric about the concept of control.

Look out for the release of Controlling Body on April 6th 2016. It looks set to be an interesting one.