Peder Mannerfelt announces new album ‘Daily Routine’


Having spent most of 2017 working on the Fever Ray album Plunge (and its wild live show), Swedish producer Peder Mannerfelt returns with his third album Daily Routine. Out 16th November via his own imprint, the 10-track LP is the follow-up to 2016's Controlling Body.

"This is a record about nothing", Mannerfelt explains. "A record without a concept or ulterior motive. Or maybe it’s about everything. A vignette of all that has ever happened to me. It’s also a collection of sounds. New sounds, sounds I recorded 10 years ago, sounds I’ve found, sounds stolen from records my brother bought in London in the summer of ‘88. There’s also Sissel Wincent (who’s the coolest person I know) singing on one track.”

Listen to lead single 'Temporary Psychosis' below, then check out the tracklist and cover art.

Daily Routine tracklist:

A1 – Introductions & Aspirations
A2 – Hibernation Hyper Nation
A3 – Cigarettes (Eurofierceness Mix)
A4 – Sissel & Bass
A5 – Belgian Blues (Black MIDI Mix)
B1 – How Was Your Day? (Numb)
B2 – This Machine Shares Memes
B3 – Weighing My Brain
B4 – Temporary Psychosis (VIP Mix)
B5 – Tried It (Blue on Blue)

Daily Routine is out 16th November via Peder Mannerfelt Produktion, pre-order it here.

Lead image: Märta Thisner