Passarella Death Squad Release ‘Anthem/Just Like Sleep’


Off-beat pairing Passarella Death Squad have this week released their latest double A side, ‘Anthem/Just Like Sleep’, via Days Of Being Wild. Known for their exquisite fashion sense as well as their Utopian beats, the duo have already gained plenty of positive publicity for this double header which is rapidly racking up plays.

Both tracks have their own signature allure, ‘Anthem’ has been created to portray the dark side of dance music with the use of ‘haunting loops of synth’ to give the resulting feel of depth and despair. ‘Just Like Sleep’ is a relentless, repititive track aimed at creating the atmosphere of the basement of ‘Silencio’ in Paris. Each side has garnered a wealth of glowing publicity already signalling that this double A side has indeed been a hit.

Listen to both sides below.

Anthem/Just Like Sleep’ is out now on Days Of Being Wild and can be bought here.

You can check out some of Passarella Death Squad’s influences here.