Paranoid London Pay Tribute To Bubbles Bubblesynski With New Track


The infamous acid house duo have released a record in honour of the well known West Coast LGBTQ activist and disc jockey Bubbles Bubblesynski who was murdered last year in what was described as a hate crime. The pair have used vocal snippets taken from the facebook page of the renowned dj and describe the drive behind the project and process as follows:

"“Everybody on the West Coast knew Bubbles Bubblesynski. We were going to make a record with him before he was murdered. We made it anyway with audio from his Facebook posts & we’ll be donating all profits to 2 LGBTQ friendly organisations in San Francisco.”

The record is in aid of charities close to Bubbles heart with all proceeds going towards the St James Infirmary and Lyon Martin. The full release will be available from the 17th of August.