Panorama Bar 3


So to me, Prosumer is the bearded guy that everyone always talks about, but whom I still haven’t ever actually seen live. I’ve come close a few times, but no cigar.

This makes this compilation even more the interesting, whilst duly noting, that a recorded compilation such as this, should showcase a DJ operating at the very top of their game; simply given the opportunity to do this on as many bits of kit as they can shake a stick at, and the opportunity to do bits again again and again until it sounds perfect.

However, I must say, this is a great compilation. It starts off in the right way (slowly) and then reaches into your depths with the lovely vocals with Sincerely (Creation Mix) before punting you out into the wonderful banger, Over and Over. Any surprise that the best tracks here are previously unreleased? Maybe little nuggets of joy that Prosumer has been using for years, but has never quite wanted to release.

This is well worth your dosh, and although I didn’t listen to it in the new-even-faster electric car, I can guarantee it would provoke my car dancing techniques.


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