Pam & Zaltan from Antinote launch new label


The pair have announced the first release from their newly launched record label DRAMA. The first release will come in the form of an album from M.B. Jones, a man with quite the tale as explained by the pair below:

“Recorded in Busan, Republic of Korea by former US special agent M.B. Jones, R.O.K. Spy documents both his stay in a country on the verge of a nuclear conflict and his mission there (for obvious confidential reasons, the purpose of this mission is only to be referred to in an elusive way). While most of his personal belongings have disappeared – or, more likely, been destroyed – we are very thankful for the safe receipt of a USB stick containing 7 songs recorded in Autumn 2017, alongside a drawing and a few handwritten notes. We are proud to now be able to share these with you.
In order to do so, we hastily came up with a label. The circumstances under which it was born lead us into calling it “DRAMA”. This release is DRAMA1."

Titled "R.O.K. Spy" the album will be available from next month.