Ransom Note showered glowing praise on the Pacific! Debut 12 a month or two back, and now the album has come sauntering into view, Im ecstatic to report IT’S actually BRILLIANT ! No lie, this is the best electronic record Ive heard this year, possibly for a couple of years. Pacific! deal in overblown hyper emotive prog, italo and electro, and the album was written to score a ballet telling the Greek legend of Narcissus- and if all of this sounds mentally pompous, and borderline crap, well, yes it may sound like that, but youll have to trust me. If you can love Queen at their epic-est then you can love this. Vocal cuts such as Ramble On and King of the Night bundle together Peter Gabriel era Genesis with a touch of Beatles melody, a hint of 10cc and a whole orchestra of bouncy euro disco freakishness, all whistles, whooshes and harpsichords. Meanwhile straight out instrumental cuts Venus Rising and the album title track ride along on a sea of EdBanger electro grit and a rainbow sparkle shimmer nicked straight from the kicking hoof of My Little Pony. I wish Pacific! had been making kids theme tunes when I were little, theyve an infectious innocence thats impossible to fake, and this record has had me a grinning ear to ear all week.

Ian Mcquaid

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