Pacific Rhythm announce new album by Unknown Mobile


The Vancouver based record label has revealed an eight track album from the producer who has collaborated with CFCF on the new release.

Unknown Mobile has previously released music on No Bad Days, Young Adults and Normals Welcome Records. The new album features a subtle assortment of influences and balearic inspired music across delicate soundscapes and wandering percussion. It was inspired by a sequence of collective moments and memories, of times shared with friends and nature. 

The release is forthcoming and can be purchased from the 15th of July. 

The full tracklist can be seen below: 

A1. Medicine Man
A2. Ravers Sojourn
A3. A Windles March Ouest Ft. CFCF
A4. Simone Can't Swim
B1. Resting in Jupiter's Garden
B2. Oenology Ft. CFCF
B3. Looping Truths And Expectations
B4. Copper Bird Bath FT. CFCF