Own a sentimental piece of Renate to help the club survive official closure


Berlin nightclub Renate, and its sister club Else, are putting sentimental items from the up for sale to help them survive official closure, due to the effects of COVID-19.

The nightlife and music industry has taken a huge hit with the spread of the virus forcing club closures and cancelling tour schedules. This has led to a wealth of grassroots-driven initiatives to help these spaces and individuals continue to operate in the future. 

Berlin's Renate are one of those spaces who are taking matters into their own hands to ensure their club can survive, despite the official closure of the venue.

Although the venues is closed, many of their costs continue to run including salaries, rent, taxes, insurance and bills, so to help raise funds they are selling some sentimental pieces from the club, that range from calendars, t-shirts, vinyl and stickers to wall pieces, props, light boxes and chandeliers taken from the club. 

Both Renate and Else have been an important part of Berlin's party microcosm for many years, providing their guests with wonderfully curated line ups and a safe space for freedom, and their staff and team with livelihood and security. 

Help Renate HERE.