out cold: Invasion of love EXCLSV album stream


Simon Aldred, he of the great Cherry Ghost, is back with a new solo project – the wonderfully named Out Cold. With his yearning vocals pitched against a warm analogue drum machine and synthesizer backdrop and influence coming from classic NY/Philly disco as well as Motown, the LP is a marked departure from the Cherry Ghost material. Recorded with Ash Workman (Metronomy NZCA Lines), the production is tough but doesn’t overwhelm the songs – well written, romantic and intimate, they shine through.  

As Aldred himself puts it It still needed to be appropriate to me, but it had to be something unexpected, something that pushed me, that kept me light on my feet, he says. So I began learning how to use these weird old analogue machines, but with the view to keep writing good songs.

The album is out soon on Heavenly Recordings along with a 12″ remix EP with reworkings from Ewan Pearson, The Invisible and Craig Bratley. 

Check the remixes and stream of the full album below: