Other People Use Some Experimental Software To Make Melodic Drumbeats


Sixteen artists made a short, percussive sound each and sent them in to Other People. What happened next will make you lose your mind. (Not really, just thought that might reel you in, you short attention spanned internet users, you!)

No. Actually, what happened next might make you think "Oh wow, that was interesting, those were some nice sounds" and maybe even engage in conversation with someone about it. Or you can decide for yourself and not let an internet headline tell you how to react to something. At Ransom Note we like to guide your opinion with subtle, subliminal and sardonic messages, like a well designed piece of content marketing, not like a glaring Coca Cola billboard. OK?

Basically four drummers (Eric Cha-Beach, Craig Weinrib, Max Almario, Jeremy Hyman) were given these samples to then control using the new hardware/software system called Sensory Percussion created by Nico's longtime collaborator Tlacael Esparza. The new technology enables drummers to easily control an unlimited array of electronic samples, synths and audio effects with any acoustic drum kit. Pretty cool.

Here is the resulting sound created by these four drummers using these sixteen samples, and we'd say it is pretty chaotic and dizzying but a whole lot of fun;

The technology is being crowdfunded on KICKSTARTER.

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