Ostgut Ton Is Zehn, Celebrates With Enormous Compilation


Ostgut Ton, Berlin's gargantuan Berghain-owned label, turns ten next month. They're celebrating, as well they should, with the thirty track compilation Ostgut Ton | Zehn. "Great", I hear you collectively groan, "a retrospective. What a lazy, pointless-"


This is not a retrospective. This is an exciting collection of thirty, NEW, ORIGINAL, EXCLUSIVE TRACKS featuring work from across the OT artist roster, showcasing the consistent high quality talent they've drawn together to create one of the world's most recognised and desirable labels. Marcel Dettman, Ryan Elliot, Nick Hoppner, Function, Answer Code Request, Ben Klock, Steffi. All featured on here. NEW AND ORIGINAL MUSIC.

It also serves to introduce OT's new additions to their insane label and booking agency, and collaborations – DIN (Efdemin, Fengler), Doms & Deykers (Steffi, Martyn), and S/D (Slater, Dettman).

Also, the label are doing a TON of parties across the globe to celebrate. This lineup for 12th December at London's Studio Spaces E1 is looking pretty fine.

There is some absolutely stunning music on here, and depending on how hardcore a fan you are you might want to get over to the the Ostgut bandcamp and grab one of the limited edition 10×12" vinyl boxes (comes with 10 superb sleeves, 11 original artworks, and a digital download of the tracks when it's released). Alternatively the Three CD box comes with four mini LP sleeves and the download.