Origin Peoples to reissue music from Robert ÆOLUS Myers


The label has revealed a remarkable new project in the form of reissued material from new age producer Robert ÆOLUS Myers, a musician who released music during the 1980s and early 90s. Robert was a key figure in the evolution of the new age movement in Hawaii and his story is told by the label as follows…

"A key figure in Hawaii's groundbreaking new age movement of the 1980s and early 90s, Robert's sonic storytelling has echoed through the decades, growing in volume since the 2017 retrospective on  Aloha Got Soul. Composing and performing music for dance, transformational theatre, worship or rebirth, Robert's talent has taken him across the globe, allowing him to expand his mind and enrich the lives of those around him. During the mid nineties, Robert transferred the honesty and empathy at the heart of his music to the field of depth psychology, exploring the receiving and holding of stories within the therapeutic container."

The new release features five original tracks, which have never previously been available on vinyl. The package is rounded off with a number of prominent remixes which will be across the year in two separate packages. The first of which features appearances from kindred spirits K. Leimer, Pharoahs, Dreems and Lieven Martens Moana whilst the latter will feature contributions from Madteo, FIT Siegel and DJ Sotofett.

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