On Your Niche – NYE Soundtrack

On Your Niche residents Nick Cobby, Jean Mall, Jimmy Posters and Ben Start went through their records and came up with a track for each hour of their New Year Lock In this NYE.

Check below and throw some festive shapes. 

Who said we’re all baaaah humbug round R$N towers eh?! 

8pm  – Requiem – J Dilla (Ruff Draft) 
To ease the night in gently with some contemplative, soulful groove from the Motor City. Get those Js up in the air! 

9pm  Burnt Friedman meets Zinjan Hlungwani  (Honest Jons)

People have had a few drinks already so a good time to inject some rhythm. Something a bit worldly framed in London sensibility. It’s good to remember that there are others on this planet on NYE.

10pm  Peter Brown – Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me (TK Disco)

This is a real statement of intent for the night. The title says it all.

11pm  – Cultural Vibe – Ma Foom Bay (Rhythm Version) – Crossover Records

A Paradise Garage classic to get people in a dancing mood ahead of the all important  midnight  track. This killed it at Dimensions Festival on the boat in the Adriatic and will bring memories of a great year flooding back. 

12 ?????

Something with big city swagger, heartfelt, optimistic and with sing along potential. Welcome to the dance 2014! Hint, the label that released this record is no FAD.  

1am  Penny Penny – Shaka Bundu – Awesome Tapes From Africa

Good time afro disco and another nod to the wide world out there. Written and performed by a Tsongan son of a witchdoctor and now a politician, his story is an inspirational one as we hit the New Year.

2am  Steffi & Tom Trago – Two Together – Rush Hour

OK heads down now, we can forget the rest of the world and concentrate on ramping the party up a notch with some 4/4 grooves. This track has the warmth and jazzy energy to get the floor locked into step. 

3am  – It’s Gonna Be Heaven – Oskar Offerman – White 
Berlin producer Offerman’s light night groover with simple but effective vocal loop to bring in that second wind. Brings a small piece of the hedonistic vibe of the city that almost never sleeps. 

Glacher Lustwerk – Soul Control – White Material 

Irrelevant of all the previous optimism and vibes, by 04.00 we need something a little bit deep and moody. And Mr Lustwerk is just the man to provide it.

And the afters… 

Daso & Pawas – Det (Dial) 

Beautiful, haunting, epic. Done.  

On Your Niche NYE Lock In takes place at Star By Hackney Downs. Full details and tickets here.