Oliver Ho: Watch Jesse Kanda’s Video For Arca’s New Track ‘Front Load’


Continuing Oliver Ho's week-long guest edit of the site, he's sharing one of his favourite new music videos.

Arca's excellent new album 'Mutant' is out now. He's previously shared videos for the tracks 'EN' and 'Vanity'. Now, there's a new one for 'Front Load', directed by long-term visual collaborator Jesse Kanda.

Oliver describes it as "like a cross between medical examination and amateur porn…almost alien-like in its imagery." It reminds me very much of the work Chris Cunningham used to do with Aphex Twin.

Super NSFW, so maybe don't forward this one on to your boss as a Tuesday Funny.

'Mutant' is out now on Mute. Find Arca on Facebook and Soundcloud.