Offworld Records Relaunches after 21 Years


The obscure Australian imprint Offworld Records  has chosen to kickstart with a release from Australian producer, Tim Jackiw. The "Still Tomorrow" EP was announced slyly by the label and acts as a follow up to "Science Of Sound Volume One" which has been highly sought after by collectors and is difficult to find. This is the first time that the label has released any music in 21 years prompting speculation of new music from the vaults. 

Tim Jackiw remained active with a steady number of releases, most recently on Furthur Electronix and Slow Life.


1. "Psegue" (3:36)
2. "Half Moon" (6:55)
3. "Waves" (Lost mix) (5:07)
4. "Night Watch" (5:24)
5. "Lost Probe" (2:00)
6. "Tears In Rain" (7:20)

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