Octave One I Believe


1991 is now 20 years ago. Urrgh. Bad news for those of us feeling the effects of getting a touch elderly (including, but by no means limited to, weird neck cramps, heartburn, being older than most coppers/footballers/doctors and complete mystification at Jessie J having a career). Good news for 430West Records who can enjoy blessing us with a retrospective remix series, having been shooting techno bullets for two whole decades now. This is the second remix of Octave One to come out recently. The original I Believe graced Transmat as well as 430, and was, and still is, a stone cold classic, an uplifting epic of breathy mystical vocals and Detroit synth string washes. The remix is a far darker affair, with the vocals and synth progression swamped by brooding bass heavy toms lurching to a juddering rhythm. The future utopia of Octave Ones 91 vision has been hemmed into a far more oppressive place, and the chants of I believe in all things that are pure/ I believe that true love will endure seem more like cold comfort in the dark than a manifesto carrying any weight. Still, a strong remix,and a suitable new direction for the song in a less optimistic world.

The original, no remix up yet…

Ian Mcquaid

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