Objekt To Release A Two Track Tribute To Berlin’S Basement Q


Objekt has announced his first release since 2014’s “Flatland” in the form of #4, a tribute to Berlin’s now defunct Basement Q. The new release is a continuation of his club-focused white label series that the artist has put out himself. 

Both of the tracks on #4 pay tribute to Basement Q in different ways, “Needle and Thread”, the A side, attempts to combine an entire Thursday night session at the venue into one track. “Theme from Q” is the producers interpretation of a never released Basement Q anthem by the owner of the club DJ Bogdan. “This old, fabulous, rave-weathered crowd of 40 to 60 people would be gradually losing their shit, feet glued to the floor but bodies flailing as if caught in a hurricane. It was something else.”

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