Nude, Weird And Wrong: The New Ghostly Video


Ghostly International have built their rep releasing chic and subtle electronic art – they've spent the last 16 years making the Sunday papers coo in delight over the finely tuned work produced by the likes of Matthew Dear and Gold Panda. So we were somewhat surprised by a) the musical content and b) the visual aesthetic of the new track Ghostly are releasing from solo synth abuser TOBACCO. Think Slipknott produced by Ed Banger's Sebastian and your getting there. It's only proper such audio violence should come accompanied by a resolutely NSFW video featuring nude pig mask wearing freakazoids lurching round a massage parlour modelled on Rob Zombie's brain grunts. We're not entirely sure what to make of it, but at least we're entertained. Slightly revolted, yes, but still entertained. Feel free to watch below, but honestly, if you're in an uptight office, it's going to look like your watching a low budget grumble flick made by hillbillies sometime in the early 90s. You may not want to live with the nicknames that sort of behaviour engenders.


TOBACCO "Streaker" from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo.