Northern Disco Lights Crowd Funded Documentary On The Way


Paper Recordings and 7 Minus Media are crowdfunding a documentary about the influence and success of Norway's nu-disco subculture. Directed by Ben Davis, the film tells the story of how a group of teenagers from a town in the Arctic north of the country called Tromsø set up a radio station, made synthesizers, threw parties and started to make the music that they wanted to hear. A reflective and unique take on house music, it spread across the country and introduced worldwide dancefloors to an arpeggiated and hedonistic bassline disco sound that harked back and looked forward to great parties. Featuring interviews and commentary from Lindstrom, Todd Terje, Idjut Boys and Bill Brewster and contributions from Full Pupp and Tellé record labels, the crowdfunding opportunities begin at £5, with £20 for an HD download and compilation album through to executive producer credits.

To find out more about Northern Disco Lights and how to help fund the project look HERE.