Noise Rock Godfather Rhys Chatham To Release New Album


North London label Foom is releasing the new album from Rhys Chatham, mentor to Sonic Youth and pioneer of the 100 guitar orchestra.

Having studied under Terry Riley and La Monte Young in the early '70s, Chatham went on to create "a new kind of urban music", combining the textural intricacies of the New York avant-garde with the visceral fury of punk rock. His work prefigured the No Wave scene and was hugely influential  for artists such as Sonic Youth, Swans and Glenn Branca.

Composed, performed, produced, engineered and mastered solely by Chatham, Pythagorean Dream is named after the particular guitar tuning it employs. Out June 3rd, the recording consists of two extended pieces; one focused on Chatham's finger picking technique and the second all about his return to the flute. That's the artwork below:

Pythagorean Dream is out June 3rd on Foom.