Noise In My Head Reveals New Villa Abo Release, Is Best Thing Ever


Just listen to it basically. Villa Abo is Jan Svensson, one third of the brilliant Swedish analogue unit Frak who have been disturbing people into frantic ecstasy since 1987. Check them out performing on home turf back in 2008 here.

So Aussie tastemakers Noise In My Head enlisted Svensson to put together a release for them and it's three tracks of ridiculously good electronic music. Opener "Warming Up Signal" is a chunk of torpid, relentless, nervewracking techno, building, spinning, bound together by the brisk stomping beat and creaking bass tones of the synth. "Drum-Magnet" shows his fluidity and rhythmic fluency, turning in some rigid, hypnotic, understated electro, and we end with syndrome beautiful which is a patchwork of interwoven synth lines which grows warmly and organically towards a complex and fascinating peak. Probably the best thing you've ever heard up until this point.

Of course that assumes you have a fascination with drum machines and synthesizers. Actually, no, it assumes you can bear drum machines and synthesizers this is still the best thing ever.

Preorder this RIGHT NOW if you can find somewhere which allows you to do that, otherwise you'll have to wait until the 23rd October for the vinyl release. And it's out digitally from 20th November too.