No Age Glitter


The toms at the start of this sound like nothing less than the magic introduction of Hey Mickey (yknow, Hey Mickey youre so fine, youre so fine you blow my mind HEY MICKEY HEY MICKEY repeat repeat repeat), and we all know that nothing gets the blood pumping like a good tom pattern. No Age follow through with layers upon layers of back tracked guitar, creaky clapping samples and nasal slacker vocals, and it all adds up to a grunge HIT in my book. To be fair, my wife hated the slightly whiney vocal on this, but personally I loved its Kevin Shields goes to college vibe- its pretty amazing how much noise the 2 lads of No Age can make between them without it collapsing into a horrible slopping mess, and by lummy, where would we be without moaning teenage yanks with guitars ? Nowhere. Thats where.

Ian Mcquaid