Nina Kraviz’s Trip Label To Release 2 New Comps Before 2016


Kraviz appears to have gone on a signing frenzy – we've just been sent news that her Trip label (or, to give it it's aesthetically pleasing Russian spelling, трип) is going to drop two more double 12" compilations before the year is out. Coming in at 8 tracks each, Russian artists are unsurprisingly well represented on the comps, with tracks from Kraviz appearing alongside new material from countrymen Philipp Gorbachev, Nikita Zabelin, Vladimir Dubyshkin, and the fresh faced Roma Zuckerman, a disconcertingly young 17 year old…

Old skool heads wil note the appearence of Detroit OG K-Hand – an artist who has made bangers for years, but rarely sees the credit she deserves – and Barcode Population, who have contributed a superb track that's apparently been knocking around on their hard drive since the 90s.  

Crucially, a listen to the clips posted on Soundcloud suggests that both compilations are going to be quality – driving, spikey techno with enough personality to separate them from the pack. But why take our word for it – preview Trip004 below –