Nightshift’s ‘Warehouse On Haunted Hill’ Looms, Terrifies


Obviously this weekend pretty much every party is going to be doused with a ghoulish/ghastly theme. A stonking great Glasweigan warehouse party is what you need though – even better a warehouse party with a completely respectable and legitimate music taste. No distant rumbles of the monster mash here – the Nightshift gang will ensure everything from devilish disco to terrifying techno will keep you moving throughout the night at their Warehouse on Haunted Hill. Tickets are available here and are going fast, for an idea of their music policy/their steez head over here.

Dress up in a Halloween costume and dance around in a warehouse out near the Clyde for a couple of hours. I mean what else are you going to do. Nothing, I know. So turn off the telly and go and buy this costume.