Nick León and Bitter Babe collaborate on new EP, ‘Delirio’


Miami-based producers Nick León and Bitter Babe have teamed up for a new collaborative EP, Delirio, via Club Romantico.

The release marks the third time the pair have teamed up for an outing, following their Fuego Clandestino EP and a joint remix of Isabella Lovestory and Florentino’s ‘Fuego’.

This time they merge a host of different sounds, fusing reimaginations of Colombian guaracha with Venezuelan raptor house and similar styles coming out of the city of Amsterdam. It also comes complete with remixes from DJ Python and De Schuurman.


Individually Bitter Babe has released music for RSN favourite, TraTraTrax, as has Nick León, who has also released on labels such as NAAFI and Future Times, and has collaborated with the likes of Denzel Curry and Rosalia.

Delirio is out now on Club Romantico.