Nick Cannon


OK, this is worth a listen for the amazing Slick Rick impersonation Nick Cannon maintains throughout. For those not versed in minor R n B hits, Nick Cannon is pretty much an also-ran who had a medium level hit about 8 years ago with the R Kelly penned Gigolo. And for those not versed in legendary MCs, Slick Rick is the English MC who defected to the states years back, released a bunch of amazing, dark and funny tracks and eventually got locked up by the US government because he wasnt an American so therefore was a bomber (probably). They let him out after a looong time when it transpired he was really honestly just a gifted rapper with a penchant for eyepatches. Anyway, on this track Nick Cannon is presumably facing up to the fact that being Nick Cannon is never ever going to be as good as being Slick Rick, and cmon- I think this deserves props. Bear in mind Slick Rick is still living and recording. Its kinda like Gareth Gates releasing Ima Gary Barlow. The tracks a banger as well, even though it features some sort of lame Eminem diss in the middle somewhere, which I assume is an attempt to start some sort of cliched popularity boosting beef. But, yeah its a good slice of boom bap party hip hop. Shame it wasnt just recorded straight by Slick Rick.

Ian Mcquaid