Newly Unearthed Sun Ra Material To Be Released On Vinyl


US imprint Modern Harmonic have unearthed three previously unreleased tracks from the cosmic music maestro Sun Ra and are set to release them on an album entitled 'Thunder Of The Gods'.

Lead track on the album 'Calling Planet Earth- We'll Wait For You' is over 23 minutes long and is thought to have been recorded in 1971. The B-side, which features the titular track alongside 'Moonshots Across The Sky', were both taken from the 1966 release 'Strange Strings'.

The record will feature artwork on both sides of the sleeve from Chesley Bonestell's 1955 piece titled 'Formation Of The Earth's Continents'.

Christopher Eddy of the Sun Ra Arkhive said of the discovery: "That this music survived to reach our ears after all of this time is quite a miraculous gift. It sounds as though it could have come from either the ancient past or the distant future, yet most perfectly it's the music of right now."

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