New York duo Georgia to appear on Firecracker Records with new album


Based in China Town, N.Y.C., Brian Close and Justin Tripp have previously released music on the likes of Meakusma, Palto Flats, Emotional Response and FTD. Together the pair have collaborated to produce a new album for Scottish imprint Firecracker Records which will be released on the 5th of April later this year. 

The album is titled 'Time' and features an abstract blend of texture, rhythm and style – all elements which have been prominent in their previous outings which have often toyed with a left of centre approach to dance music and electronic culture. 

The full tracklist can be seen below: 

A1 Ayolas 
A2 Othonoi 
A3 Askja 
A4 West Of Luzon 
B1 Iwate 
B2 Wupatki 
B3 Tioga Nicetown 
C1 Pura Braman 
C2 Suali 
C3 Sabalan 
D1 Desta Tinanitina Mata 
D2 Larki 
D3 Celebes Water 

Listen to a track below: 

Visit the Firecracker Bandcamp HERE