New Vinyl Pressing Platform Qrates Launches


Tokyo-based company Qrates are all about making life easier for the little guys and it just so happens that today is their official launch. How convenient.

I suppose, like all of us here at R$N, you'd like to know how they're helping you save pennies. Basically, it's a funding system that allows the artist to set up their own platform to sell vinyl releases without having to pay zip. 


Qrates won't actually begin pressing the vinyl until the selected amount of pre-orders has been made, with a minumum of 100 copies. It's totally free to use and will only start costing when you start earning – Qrates will take 15% of each sale as their fee. There are also some great features such as a 3D design tool to simulate the vinyl, sleeve and labels, freedom to set prices, flexible digital promotion solutions such as free downloads, bonus tracks for the fans who purchase the records, users statistics and you can even sell merchandice along with the release.

Check it all out here at the Qrates website.