New Villager Rich Doors


New signing to the zeitgeist-y IAMSOUND (current home of SALEM and Telepathe amongst others), artist collective New Villager bubble up a churning psychedelia that tips its hat to MGMTs naive falsetto, Super Furry Animals sprawling whimsy and Princes mid period jerking funk. RichDoors is a multifaceted affair, packing a number of movements in its 4 and a half minutes, from the massive tribal toms of the intro to the wubbing UK bass of the half time breakdown, all the time returning to the poppily delivered refrain — Youve got the right sound, rich enough to take them down// You breaking new doors// What you think you looking for. Usually chucking this many ingredients into the pot proves disastrous, but the sparkle-eyed joy New Villager take in their melodies draw together the disparate flavours into a hugely enjoyable mini lysergic opus. 5 out of 6.

Ian Mcquaid

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