New Throwing Snow Album ‘Embers’ Out Soon On Houndstooth


Northern England migrant and now Bristol based Ross Tones is this week releasing his second album as Throwing Snow. 'Embers' is again released on Houndstooth and is said to draw stimulus from laws and patterns of the natural world. Roughly an hour long, the album’s start and end appear the same allowing it to cycle endlessly, with the vinyl edition created so that the listener can mix the album without breaks across two turntables. Recorded in Daddry Shield, County Durham, sounds captured in the surrounding area became part of the music, with rain transformed into white noise and a melody line mimicked by a starling. He has supported Bonobo and Jon Hopkins live, as well as running his own imprint Snowfall, and co-owner at Left Blank and A Future Without record labels.

Throwing Snow – Embers is released by Houndstooth on 20th January 2017 and can be pre-ordered HERE.

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