New Residents Announced For Fabric & Xoyo


The nit pickers amongst you may point out that Fabric having a resident isn't really much of a new thing – Craig Richards has been there every week for 14 years… But somehow, XOYO with a piece of wizardly marketing managed to make the idea of a large club having a weekly big name resident seem like a revoloutinary act. Now both Fabric and XOYO have announced new residents for the coming months, and the hype about both  is growning.

Fabric have revealed that Dan Avery will be taking on a quarterly Friday night – and if the line up for his first event is anything to go by, he's gonna be pulling out the stops, with the launch night on August 15th featuring live shows from Factory Floor and Dopplereffekt, support from Helena Hauff, Volte-Face (BleeD), and naturally, Avery himself. More details on that over here

Meanwhile XOYO have revealed that once the current 2 Bears residence has run it's course, Jackmaster will be next in the hot seat. The Glaswegian DJ's DJ will be taking on weekly Fridays, performing alongside an unsurprisngly strong series of line ups that includes spot from Chicago's finest Dance Mania on July 12th, Moodyman on August 9th and an all night back to back session with Joy O on August 16th. Full line up details can be found on the XOYO site.