New queer focussed record label 51-53 launches


The London based imprint is named after the Stonewall Inn's address in New York and is set to release an EP from Dalston Superstore favourites, Super Drama. The duo have previously released music via the likes of Moshi Moshi, Stamp the Wax, Phantasy and Hannah Holland’s Batty Bass. The new EP is geared towards the club and the late night dancefloor. Prominent acid and punchy samples drive the record forward and shine a light on the energy and vision of the LGBTQ community in London at present. 

The EP will be available from the 1st of June with Super Drama having described the release as follows:

“We’re both hyped to be the inaugural release on Fab’s gorgeous new label. Writing this record is a fun outlet for us to really touch upon our more outrageous tastes. Getting our good friend and high priestess Kuntessa involved really amped it up. She’s one of East London’s finest strippers/pop stars and an even better vocalist! Each track on the record has a different place in mind for us; parties like Adonis, Faboo or our home at Dalston Superstore. It’s the amazing people who make them what they are, and in increasingly uncertain times it’s even more important we have a real community. To quote James St. James ‘The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom, Blake, William.’”

Stream below:

Visit the 5153 Bandcamp HERE